Just got back from Hungary, 9 day holiday, I gotta say I loved it. I’ll be going back there first chance I get, especially to Budapest where I only got a day and a half this time around… vibrant city!

I lived in a small town called Földes, slap bang in the middle of Hajduk country (the county of Hajdú-Bihar) I mostly did the tourist stuff this time, visited the Puszta (the steppe or great plains) at Hortobágy, the thermal springs at Hajdúszoboszló, checked out Debrecen, Hungary’s second largest city and so on. First things that come to mind when thinking about the trip is hot, flat, inexpensive, good food and beautiful. Only downside I can think of is that hardly anyone speaks English (except in Budapest), but you pick up a couple of words here and there and pointing and gesturing works as it does everywhere :)

I did run into a fellow beatmaker in Debrecen tho, against all odds lol, Big Yeti, we didn’t have time to talk much since he was working and I was playing tourist, but next time I go down I’m hoping we can have a lil beat-session or two. And on another note, as an old graff-head, the styles down there was very good, I didn’t really expect that to be honest, I was impressed!

I managed to forget my camera most of the time, but here’s some of the few shots I took at least…

Köszönöm szepe, Magyarország!
(my Hungarian isn’t very good, but it should be something like that at least :)

2 thoughts on “Hungary

  1. the birtplace of Michelle Wild.. makes it the greatest country in the world.

    lol. I amuse myself.

    • lol.. had to wiki that. We’ll add it to the list of good things about Hungary then I guess :P

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