Galleri Fotfolket – Vernissage

Pics from both the press showing earlier in the day and the public opening of Galleri Fotfolkets premier exhibition.

Fotfolket 1 Fotfolket 2
Fotfolket 3 Fotfolket 6
Fotfolket 4
Fotfolket 5
Fotfolket 7

Galleri Fotfolket | Exhibition

I’m going to be one of the participants in Galleri Fotfolkets (in english) premier exhibition which opens on May 11th 2012. I think there will be 12 artists all in all. You can check out some of us (me included) here.

I will be showing some street photography, not sure how many photos yet, maybe 3 but it could be more (or less); I’m still thinking about it.

The special/odd/good/interesting (you get the idea) thing about this exhibition is that…

Galleri Fotfolket is a gallery that will only exist in the public space; in the streets, parks, squares and on the internet. As a beginning the gallery will be built up by three boxes, each box is carried by an individual who walks around in the streets of Stockholm. The boxes will measure 120x120x120cm and on each side there will be an opening where the art can be seen, the gallery therefore has 12 exhibition spaces measuring 70x70x15cm.

– Galleri Fotfolket

I just thought this was an interesting premise, a fresh way of showing art to the public and I’m looking forward to see how it all goes.