I just upgraded to the latest WordPress and I thought I’d try out a new comment system while I was at it. So if anyone feels like testing it for me that would be greatly appreciated. Just to let me know that it works. It has facebook, twitter, worpress and the regular email auth, feel free to test whichever one you want, or all of them :)
If it doesn’t work hit me up at..

Comments & Subscriptions


It seems that comments were turned off for some reason; that’s fixed now. So if you wanna hit me up with your thoughts it’s now possible again.

I also added a way for you guys to get noted via email on any new posts; you’ll find the signup in the sidebar(s). You can also subscribe to a comment thread if you want; you’ll find the link/signup for that in the comment box on the individual posts.


New Design

I thought it was time for an update again, this is basically the twenty eleven theme that comes with wordpress, just some customization here and there to get it looking the way I want. So there will probably be a few things that don’t work properly, but I’m on it and it will be sorted shortly. Also there are some more categories & custom things that need to be fixed.. it shouldn’t be long though. But if you find anything that’s not working properly feel free to let me know.



Site Update

As you can see I’m updating the site a little, most things should be functional, but it’s a work in progress so some things will most likely be broken. Not even sure I want to go with this theme to be honest, but it’ll stay for now. Some menu changes as well, Releases is now under About and I removed the Video page for now. I’ll probably make some additional changes in the days to come.

Just letting y’all know.

Quick Update

If some of you are wondering why I haven’t put out any new remixes, beats, or tunes in general for a bit… it’s coming. I’m in multitask mode and got several projects (both hip-hop and electronic), and artists, which I’m working with at the moment.. and previously. Things should start to trickle out as we move on through 2010.

I’ve also had some other side projects going which doesn’t include music that has taken up some time, and I’ve had a bad cold for a couple of weeks now which has hindered the production slightly (read, can’t mix when you can’t hear properly).

So to cap it off, there should be some goodies coming your way in a little bit, and I’ll try to get some more remixes, for your downloading pleasure, done in the meantime.

Site Update

I just Installed the Super Cache plugin for WordPress, last time I did it caused some weirdness on the site, so I’m just giving a heads up. I have tried it out and checked everything I could think of (which usually amounts to, not everything), so if there’s something fishy going on just let me know and I’ll either uninstall it or try to fix whatever it is that’s causing the problems. Last time around it was mainly the tunes in the download section that didn’t work for some reason, and I think I’ve fixed that.. but you never know.

Hope y’all had a good weekend.. till next time!

Quick Update

Though I’d let y’all know about a couple of issues with the site that I’ve come across.

Firstly it seems that the open source browser Chromium, that is the one that Google Chrome is built on, don’t render the site properly. There’s some css issues, at least on the latest builds. I’m not sure, but it might apply to Chrome as well. Site works fine in Internet Explorer and Firefox though. Just a heads up.

Secondly, the buy buttons in the Soundcloud player should not be there, I can’t remove them for some reason, but if you click them you’ll just get an error. I’ve reported the issue to the Soundcloud staff, so hopefully I’ll get a response shortly.


The buy button issue was promptly fixed, so all is good on that front. Chromium still mess up the css tho, but not much I can do about that.

Edit 2..

Been doing some behind the scenes optimizing on the site today (May 31) and yesterday to decrease load times and make everything a bit snappier. I was finally able to after my host did some much needed upgrading, which made everything work proper and the site feel responsive for the first time in ages. I hope it lasts, if it does they might just have saved a customer.

Updating the Site

upgradeI’m trying to update a little, changing the theme (and in the process learning some css/php) and making it cleaner all over. It’s a work in progress tho, so I’ll fix things as I go along, removing some things and adding others. I’ll also start posting more, so instead of waiting for something “important” to post I’ll just throw up things as they come along, important or not.
I’m also gonna switch host, once this year expires (June I think), to a better one.. site is soooo slow sometimes, feels like being on dial-up once again and I don’t have the patience for it. And I’m probably gonna register a couple more domains as well, so site might go through another transformation later on, I might keep it as is tho and fire up another one all together, we’ll see what the future brings!