magOwl – Page One

Update: The free downloads on bandcamp has run out, more will be available in a couple of weeks. Nothing I can do about it. So if you want any of the albums on there you’ll have to spend a few quid.

So December 21st has arrived and as promised here’s Page One, my latest collection of beats and oddities.

You can grab it for free over at

This is a selection of beats from the last year, year and a half, or so. Some are entries from the LouisDen beatbattles (, so if you’re keeping tabs you might have heard a few. But on the other hand there are others on here that should be new to any and all.

The lot was produced by me, magOwl, using Renoise ( aided by the old Ensoinq EPS 16+, the Boss SP-303 and a healthy amount of vinyl.

Go get it, listen, enjoy, tell a friend!

Testing the SP-303

Just playing around with my new toy. First beat made on it, never touched one before so it’s no masterpiece. Everything played with quantize off, recorded into patterns, yeah I know, but I’m not good enough to try it live yet :)

Vinyls & Music Equipment

I bought an entire vinyl collection the other day, 2000+ records all in all, so I got my work cut out going through all that over the summer, looking forward to it tho. I also bought me the little SP-303 from Boss/Roland, and I quite like it, a nice little machine. Here’s a couple of pics showing some of the vinyls and one of the 303…