Quick Update

If some of you are wondering why I haven’t put out any new remixes, beats, or tunes in general for a bit… it’s coming. I’m in multitask mode and got several projects (both hip-hop and electronic), and artists, which I’m working with at the moment.. and previously. Things should start to trickle out as we move on through 2010.

I’ve also had some other side projects going which doesn’t include music that has taken up some time, and I’ve had a bad cold for a couple of weeks now which has hindered the production slightly (read, can’t mix when you can’t hear properly).

So to cap it off, there should be some goodies coming your way in a little bit, and I’ll try to get some more remixes, for your downloading pleasure, done in the meantime.

Projects, Ideas And New Music

I got a couple of instrumental projects in the making, not going to give away too much detail, but one of them revolves around making a 5-6 track EP through the evolution of one tune, and I’ll leave it at that.. enigmatic enough? Maybe not. I think they can turn out to be pretty interesting though, if they do I might consider pitching them to some labels.

I’m also going to try finish up another remix installment because some people have been asking me about it, and as I didn’t think my 2 Weeks 3 Hours project held up properly, it’s about time. I was also thinking about putting together a compilation of old beats spanning 1997 –2001, or around those years anyway. projects and ideasAs I recently resurrected my old darling the Ensoniq EPS 16+ and converted all the old Atari arrangements to PC, all I could find at least. So I’ll check through them, pick out some decent ones and remix/re-master them. I’m not going to change the over all arrangements, at least nothing big, I just want to apply some compressors and proper EQ’s and so on, since I didn’t have any of that stuff back then.

Other then that I got an EP coming up with Atari Blitzkrieg (as mentioned before) and some other tunes which hopefully will come out during the fall, not going to jinx anything by spilling the beans, with my track record when it comes to failed releases, it wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do. I also made a remix of St-Liqour-Ish tune Moneysack, good looking out by my man Bluevibe who hooked me up. I don’t really know what’s going to happen with it as I had to leave for vacation right after I submitted it and I have yet to get in touch with them about it. So we will see.

And… as I got into division 1 of this years LouisDen League, I’ll need to step my game up since I’ll be going up against some truly talented cats over the months to come. Will be fun though, I need the challenge.

So that’s more or less it when it comes to the music bit, but I’ve also been thinking about some other things involving painting and photography.

I’m still in the planning process of figuring out a nice/interesting theme for a photo project, not really sure where I want to take it, or what I want to do with it at this point, but I’ll figure it out eventually. planning My old Nikon needs the workout, only been taking crappy pictures with a crappy digital camera lately and that’s not cutting it.

As for the painting business I have no idea of where to start, it’s been too long since I picked up the brush, but I’m sure that once I get some canvas up and get started it’ll fall into place. My painting process is fairly abstract, as are the paintings, I never really go in with a plan, I just let whatever it is that wants to come out flow, and as it progresses I’ll see where it’s going. Would be fun to have another exhibition, but it would require me to paint a lot of new ones because I only got maybe two or three old paintings left. So a long term project, or maybe a joint project with an old friend of mine could be the way to go, we’ve talked about it at least. That could be really interesting as we did some wild collaborative paintings back in the day. Maybe go for some big ass canvases and not just the regular meter, meter and a half ones.