Got my Rolleicord III (Type II) in the mail today..! It was manufactured 1952-53 and has a 75mm Xenar f/3.5-f/22 taking lens (4 elements) and a 75mm f/3.2 viewing lens with a Compur Rapid shutter (1-1/500s + B).

Really looking forward to testing this little box out. I’ve already put a test roll in it and it’s ready to rock; weather sucks today tho, but I might still go out and shoot. Check the pics of it below (click for bigger as usual).

rolleicord #2
rolleicord #1

Le Viseur

Le Viseur is an up and coming Swedish magazine for contemporary documentary photography. Issue #3 will be out on the 30th of September.

We want to create a magazine, with focus on contemporary documentary photographs; free from commercial adverts and boring articles about cameras and lenses. We want to put documentary photography in the center of attention and believe that many people are interested in straight photography, free of special effects and manipulations.

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Check the latest issue here!

DJ Mat & Polki Live

DJ Mat & Polki #1 DJ Mat & Polki #2 DJ Mat & Polki #5
DJ Mat & Polki #6 DJ Mat & Polki #8
DJ Mat & Polki #4

I took some photos of my friend Polki with his band when they performed at Make Music Stockholm 2012 a little bit back. They did two shows, one outdoors (the first three & the last shot up there) and one indoors, which was a really, really hard venue to shoot at; managed to get a few decent ones though.

As usual you  can click the pics to see them in larger version on flickr and also check out a few more from the same set right here.

DJ Mat & Polki – Check ‘em out!