2UGLi – Dios Perdoname


Check out my man 2UGLi‘s latest drop on johnny23 Records, Dios Perdoname.

Features by 9th Prince, 2Mex, LoDeck, BlameOne and more with production by myself, EVB, Plan B, Blue Sky Black Death, Snowgoons and others.

You can get the CD directly from the J23 homepage.. right here! Support the good stuff!

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Check out two of my beats on there below. First one with Hell Razah & the second one (the second beat on it, 3:08 onward) featuring Sinalokos Tropa!



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Whatup everybody,

I just (more or less) got back from Nairobi, Kenya after about a week there. I had a great time, saw some animals & the country-side, enjoyed the weather & the people and made my way around Nairobi for a little bit. Quite the culture shock at first, it did mellow a little bit but I think you need a longer stay to fully get over it. Next time perhaps…

schipholNext time you say? Well, I want to walk around and do some street-shooting in Nairobi (that means street photography and nothing else:), even if most people tell me that’s a bad idea and that I shouldn’t do it. So I’m planning to go back for just that at a later date, which might sound a bit weird as I just got home. But hey, it’s something I wanna do..

I actually think that going to a place at least two times is preferred, that way you can be a tourist and do all the things you “should” do the first time around, and then go back and do the other stuff (in my case some street shooting), being a little less of a tourist. And I feel both are equally important, because that way you can relax and focus on one thing at the time and not run around like a headless chicken trying to do it all simultaneously. But, it’s all about the funds.. as always, so it might take a while :) I thoroughly enjoyed my stay though, and I can recommend it to anyone

Anyways.. photo stuff, I brought my Rolleicord and a little Olympus Mju that I borrowed, along with my digital. I shot six rolls of 120 & five rolls of 135 + all the digital. Check out a few shots below (flickr collection here, I’ll be adding to it little by little)…

smoke break dyeing

Fujica Half 1.9

Fujica Half 1.9

I got a Fujica Half 1.9 half-format/half-frame camera the other day (pictured above) and got the test roll back today. It seems to be working nice. Half-format/half-frame basically means that you get two images for every one from a regular 35mm camera (on a 36 frame roll you get 72 pics aso). I like it! Check a couple of the images from the test roll below. My Fujica Half set on flickr is here (with some more images from the test roll in it).




Just found this will looking through a box for something else. Dunno how me and my friend got in there as juveniles; we must have been the youngest ones there. Good times!

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Method Man, Freddie Gibbs & Streetlife – Built For This (magOwl Remix)

Here’s my entry to the The Man With The Iron Fists remix competition.

And here’s the tune on the competition page.


I recently found a bunch of films that had been sitting in a box in the attic (several attics actually) since the mid 80s and I thought I’d put one through the Yashica Electro. The result was kinda lo-fi. Well… very lo-fi. Bleached out colors, bright yellow dots (no idea what’s up with that) & and grainy as all hell. Still, I like how it came out. This film in particular was an Agfa Chrome CT200, that’s a slide film for those that don’t know. I got one more of those plus a couple others to try out at a later date.

For more dots go to 591 Photography!

dots #1
dots #2
dots #3

Reclaim Photography #5 – Photos

Here’s some photos from Reclaim Photography #5 (the flickr set is here where you can check out all of them). I also took three rolls of film (two 120 & one 135), so there might be some additions later on in the week.

Reclaim Photography: Hompage / Facebook

Edit… Added one photo taken with my Rolleicord+Portra 400 & two taken with the Yashica Electro+Ektar 100 (the three pics at the top). There’s a couple more in the set; link above.


Untitled Untitled

591PhotographyBlog: 2 Sets

I got a couple of sets up on 591 this last week or so. First one is a set of photos from a closed down factory here in Stockholm entitled Eat Sleep Burn. The second set  consists of b/w street shots from this month, it’s entitled September. Click the pics to go to 591 and check them out…

Eat Sleep Burn