I’m trying out the Disqus comment system, not sure if it’s something I wanna go with, but I thought I’d give it a try for a little bit. If you experience any issues or have any objections to it just give me a shout in a comment or directly at…



I just upgraded to the latest WordPress and I thought I’d try out a new comment system while I was at it. So if anyone feels like testing it for me that would be greatly appreciated. Just to let me know that it works. It has facebook, twitter, worpress and the regular email auth, feel free to test whichever one you want, or all of them :)
If it doesn’t work hit me up at..

Comments & Subscriptions


It seems that comments were turned off for some reason; that’s fixed now. So if you wanna hit me up with your thoughts it’s now possible again.

I also added a way for you guys to get noted via email on any new posts; you’ll find the signup in the sidebar(s). You can also subscribe to a comment thread if you want; you’ll find the link/signup for that in the comment box on the individual posts.