Fujica Half 1.9

Fujica Half 1.9

I got a Fujica Half 1.9 half-format/half-frame camera the other day (pictured above) and got the test roll back today. It seems to be working nice. Half-format/half-frame basically means that you get two images for every one from a regular 35mm camera (on a 36 frame roll you get 72 pics aso). I like it! Check a couple of the images from the test roll below. My Fujica Half set on flickr is here (with some more images from the test roll in it).


Voigtländer Test Roll

Voigtländer Vito Automatic Test 4 Voigtländer Vito Automatic Test 2 Voigtländer Vito Automatic Test 1
Voigtländer Vito Automatic Test 3

And here are four pics from the test roll I took with my old Voigtländer Vito Automatic. Completely unedited; straight from the lab.
Seems there might be some time issues, or it’s just incredibly “shake” sensitive, not sure what is going on. I’ll probably pop another couple of rolls in it and try to figure out what the issue is.

It still produced some interesting images though, well I think so anyways…