Yardcore Live Set

Stumbled over a new live set from the Yardcore crew last night, recorded over at Sub.fm. And because I very much enjoyed the last ones I found from em, I grabbed this one as well… It didn’t disappoint! Specially from 1.30h onwards.. hard hard!

YardcoreYou can find the mix over at sub.fm under archives (page 2 at the moment), or you can head over to their Facebook page which has a link and some other info as well. If you’re looking for the old sets I mentioned you can find em over at their homepage. The set by Rrritalin from that night isn’t there though and I’ve failed to track a link down just now, but I’m sure it’s out there somewhere. It is by far my fav mix of the four, so if you can find it grab it!

One thought on “Yardcore Live Set

  1. yo, which mix is that mate? I’m sure I’ve got a copy if you wannit. Gimme a shout at:

    yardcoreldn gmail com

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