Using AHK With Renoise

Yesterday I talked about how you could use AutoHotkey to improve and speedup your computer use in general, but today I thought I’d show how it can be useful for making/playing music. Something more in line with what I usually write about. It’s nothing fancy and quite basic, I re-bound the Channel Mute keys in Renoise, which are Control + 0-9 on the keypad as default. What I did was remove the need to hold down the Control key so I could just hit the numbers on the keypad, ahk and renoiseand I bound several channel mutes together so I could press say 7 on the keypad and mute all hi-hats in one go.

Check the pic for a full view of the script including some notes (or grab it here, just open it in notepad), it’s a very simple AHK script that use the built in command SendInput to send key presses to the active window.

Also you can check the video (HD version on Vimeo as usual) where I try to use my brand new key-bindings, try is the keyword here lol. I didn’t practice any so I’m not exactly tight. The tune is just some lofi, glitchy thing I threw together. This specific script will only work with this songs layout, so you’ll have to make one for each song, unless you use the same layout on all your songs.