New Beats Page

Beats Header

Finally got a beats page up on here. I’ll have around 5-10 beats on it at any given time, and I’ll try to switch em around as I make new ones since I don’t want to swamp the site with a couple of hundred beats heh. And I do have a soundclick page where more of em can be heard… and of course the ol’ myspace.

Y’all can click the image above or any of the links spread all over to check it out. I also enabled comments on that page so feel free to drop me a line (comments are moderated tho).

And on another note.. since I now run this page alone (…again) I’ll probably try and re-vamp it into more my page instead of a sowl one. I’ll keep the name tho.. Sowl Productions, I still like it and it works even if the name hold no real meaning anymore.

So maybe I’ll put up some remixes on a page and maybe even fire off a freebeat or two once in a while, but we’ll see about that hehe.

Cheers & Stay Up!