magOwl Remix & Bluevibes New EP

Bluevibe Studio just posted a blog about his new EP coming out soon.

I’m currently finishing the new EP which is the first in the “Bluevibe
studio presents” series and has been in progress for about 4 months.
What I’m going to do is go through all the stages involved in putting
out this EP so that you get an idea about the release from start to finish
and hopefully collaborate on a few ideas. — Direct link to original post.

It has a pre-master version of my (magOwl) remix of “Holdin On” attached for listening, as well as some nice insights on how he goes about making this release happen and his working method.
So y’all should get over there and check it out.

I’m quite proud of this remix I have to admit… I think it came out very nice, some old funk/soul raspieness (if thats a word heh).
I can’t wait to hear the final master, as well as checking out the other remixes on there. And I have to say the originals are very good, Mr. Bluevibe has a very nice sound going.
He has some more tracks up for listening on his blog and his myspace, y’all should def go and have a listen and shake that behind.