Beat Previews

beat previewsI made a drop over at a week or so ago where I could put up new beats and beats in progress, I only tweeted.. twittered.. err.. twat..?  Anyways, I talked about it on twitter and forgot to mention it here. So I thought it was about time I did. I’ve been going through some experimental phase lately, it might not sound like it to some, but I’ve been doing things in ways I’ve never really done before, which means some of them sound a bit different then usual. I also went back to my beat making roots for one, which was kinda fun :) It was a beat for last weeks LouisDen Beat Battle in which you had to assume the personality of another producer. I chose True Master, for those of you who remember him. Really wanna see the video from that LDBB and get a proper listen to what peeps did.

I’ll put up the beat previews and the beats in progress here as well, so you can listen right away without having to switch page. I haven’t decided if I should make a playlist-player or just use the regular one-mp3-per-player. Maybe I should go with the playlist, that way I could put it in any future posts without any hassle. All previews are 128kbps transcoded mp3s, that means low quality. Latest ones are on top. And as I said, most of them are works in progress.

The True Master one is Stars In Their Eyes for those wondering.