Beat Jackers

So I’ve been seeing this link/song pop up lately (apparently it’s been around for a couple of months), it’s a song by some cat from the Netherlands who calls himself Kingsize, the song is called Jong Rijk, and the label he’s on is called Wilde Western Records.

I just want to make this exceptionally clear for everyone..

I do not know these people, I have never talked to them. I do not endorse this song, they jacked this beat, which is called Odd School, from me (and even had the audacity to edit it),  all while still crediting me for the production.

I didn’t really want to write their names as they don’t deserve any more publicity, but this shit’s been getting me irritated. I emailed these guys and asked what the deal was, wrote on the vids on youtube aso, but I have yet to get a response (besides getting spam flagged on youtube that is), so they sort of forced my hand.

Here’s the deal.. None, and I mean none, of my beats/instrumentals are free for use for anyone. No exceptions. If you want to use one of my beats you can contact me here or on one of the many other sites I’m on and we’ll work something out. If I see you jacking one of my beats, that’s it, you will have no chance of even buying a beat from me, ever. Clear enough..?

Let me finish off with saying that I’m a reasonable guy when it comes to collaborations and whatnot and a nice dude in general. Just get in touch with me if you wanna use a beat or do a collaboration or something… it’s not rocket science :)



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