Beat Feed Instrumentals – Episode 26

The official blurb:

The marvelous production of MagOwl revisits the show with the beat to Brooklyn Academy‘s track “Splash ft. Killah Priest”. That’s off BK Academy’s latest release Bored of Education. Second is a beat to a track I already consider a classic and happens to feature BK Academy MC Block McCloud on the chorus. It’s Sean Price‘s single “Mess You Made” and it’s produced by Masse of the Salizar Brothers. Jesus Price Superstar is the album for that single. We wrap up number 26 with the legendary Kool Keith‘s 1997 album Sex Style, where he goes by the alias “Big Willie Keith. The beat is for the song “Little Girls” produced by KutMasta Kurt. Show support. Use the links. Make a purchase. Peace! – Dirt E. Dutch, Beat Feed

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