2011 – Another Year Passed

Shorter Excursions

These first two pics was taken at a birthday party just north of Uppsala, almost all from the old guard was there. It was great to see everybody in the same place for once, and we all had a really good time. We need more of the same!

This next one is from Landsort, which is sort of the last island before the Baltic Sea just south of Stockholm. Beautiful place. Me and a couple of friends visited when we stayed close to there for a few days. Later on in the summer we managed to get out to Stockholms northern archipelago as well.

I managed to catch my first football game in many years, and a derby at that. Crazy stuff.

The last pic is from a paper mill close to Gävle, which I took on a day excursion when I tagged along with a friend who was going up there to look at/buy a motorcycle. Silent Resistance.

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