New York Originals & The Trim Mix Show

Listen to johnny23‘s Gen.RC Thursday Nights Stony Brook New York 90.1 FM . 12am to 3am eastern standard time on The Trim Mix Show with DJ Cut Supreme. Listen worldwide at Last show was last Friday, head over to wusb, click on schedule and find the little speaker icons over Trim Mix Party, should be three of em.. click away and listen. Good tunes folks!

And coming soon from the J23 camp is the DVD The New York Originals Anthology.

Featuring an unprecedented amount of appearances from emcees, DJs producers and artists from the mainstream and underground. This limited edition DVD will feature all 13 Volumes of New York Originals along with 4 Special Edition Volumes, 2 rare videos (Neurologists- Widow and Heffs), as well as outtakes, bloopers, and cutting room gems. New York Originals Anthology DVD is a must have for any true hip-hop fanatic. See what its like to walk the streets of NY and be right there backstage with your favorite rappers. Check out the sample clip featuring Inspector Deck and Milk Dee.

More previews available at New York Originals.

(Text shamelessly nicked from the J23 homepage, head over there and check em out!)

More Videos

So here’s a couple more from the same dude that upped the previous Smutsit ones. Maybe I should say that the ones rapping on Bänga Ventiler are Hektor Detektor & Råland Hustle, with Hektor going solo on Konstiga Aktiviteter. On these new ones we got Wolf & Hektor on Allt Är Smutsit and Lion & Wolf on We Hold The Fort. Both of these new ones were produced by Lion. Photos in the Royal vid by yours truly once again.

Threw in a vid of my tune for Brooklyn Academys debut as well, not the best audio quality perhaps, but yeah, anyways… there you have it. Enjoy!

You can grab the mp3s of the Smutsit/Royal tunes in the download section here as well.. just so y’all know.

A Bunch Of Videos

Ok, so I’ve stumbled across a bunch of vids on youtube these last couple of days… One of my old remix of Aesop Rocks Bazooka Tooth and two old Smutsit tunes (I produced Bänga Ventiler and me & Lion co-produced Konstiga Aktiviteter). So I thought, what the hell, I’ll link em up here. The guy that uploded the Smutsit ones also put up a couple of tunes by Sherlock, possibly the best hip-hop to come out of Sweden… ever. So check those out as well.

Oh and that’s Lion & Wolf on the pic, left to right, photo by yours truly.

Hearty Headsman

I made a little animation for my submission to the Renoise Beta 2.0 Competition.. nothing fancy, just thought it’d look better then a still image.
Tune is some dubstep/idm’ish thing, I was experimenting alot on this one, so it came out a wee bit different then usual. Anyways.. enjoy!

magOwl – Hearty Headsman from magOwl on Vimeo.

New Video.. Reakwons Criminology

Just noticed that my man DougPark (thanks again mate) upped another video he put together for one of my remixes… Raekwon ft. Ghostface Killah – Criminology. So I decided to make a separate page for all the videos he’s made and any others that might surface later on. You can find that link in the navigation list to the right.

You can find Doug here (click to expand)

Morbski Dyspnea

morbski dyspneaMy man Morbski just put out his new album ‘Dyspnea’. I got one tune on there called ‘Breathe Hard’, you can hear it and more on his myspace (and on mine). Head over there and cop it, it’s good ish!

Put up the vid Morbski put together for “Breathe Hard”.


Brooklyn Ac Page The Brooklyn Academy hompage is up, featuring a bunch of preview tunes from Bored of Education, a video and more stuff.

So go check it!

Interview vid added.

More Videos

Doug sent me two more videos he put together of some of my remixes.. check em out :)

Method Man – Release Yo Delf

DougPark sent me a link to a video he put together of my old “Release Yo Delf” remix and I thought I’d put it up here as well. Thanks Doug! You can find him at his blog, his myspace or check out his vid collection.