Atari Blitzkrieg – Super (pre-order)

Time to pre-order Super by Atari Blitzkrieg.

I got some beats on there as does Krohme, Nameless, Jazz Spastiks & Marink D. With guest appearances by Rapper Pooh, Motion Man, John Robinson, Breez Evahflowin & Smigg Dirtee.

You can pre-order right now. The digi release is set for Sept. 27th and the 3D CD for Oct. 11th. Don’t forget to check out the Tees.


Johnny23 Records – “Riot Renaissance”

Johnny23 Records Presents Riot Renaissance (hosted by DJ J-Ronin)

jOHNNY23 Records celebrates 12 years of existence by releasing 70+ minutes of rare, new and exclusive music hosted by All Elements super DJ J-Ronin.

From its’ inception in 1999, this indy label from Brooklyn remains relevant by consistently discovering edgy, uncompromising lyricists and brilliant new producers from around the world. The label is the very definition of “talent overload”. On “Riot Renaissance” veterans like LoDeck and JAKPROGRESSO are joined by hungry up-and-comers Boxguts, Bloody Monk Consortium, C-Plexx, Mike220, magOwl, and Will Taubin. The leader of jOHNNY23 crew’s  California chapter, 2Ugli, represents Chula Vista and blesses the compilation with partner in crime, iLLRoot.Noted MCs and producers from outside the camp, Timbo King, PH (Pumpkinhead), Pacewon, Snowgoons, Al’ Tarba and Blockhead also contribute exclusive cameos.

J-Ronin hosts, blends, and seamlessly navigates through an  over-abundance of styles, drops, and concepts to extract maximum adrenaline from a keen listener.  If you’re a fan already, your appetite for rioting has already been peaked, but if this is your first encounter with the jOHNNY23 crew, this release is a good introduction crash course.

You can download the whole album right here.

Atari Blitzkrieg – Fantastisk (Ruff Mix)

One of the tunes I’ve made for Mr. Atari Blitzkrieg‘s upcoming SNES anniversary tribute album called Super, which will drop come the end of August. It’s a rough mix, so see it as a preview.

LoDeck – Shrimp (magOwl Remix)

Lodeck – Shrimp (magOwl Remix)

From the upcoming 3rd Rock From A Postcard remix album coming August 2011.

Italo Shrimp!

Magnificent Blitzkrieg – Bonne Nuit

The first single off the Magnificent Blitzkrieg EP with Atari Blitzkrieg. It’s a free download so go check it out!

The full EP drops in a week, on the 24th of May.

Atari Blitzkrieg – The Moments That Unfold Before Me In Life

New drop from Atari Blitzkrieg, The Moments That Unfold Before Me In Life, featuring production by Krohme, Hidden Beatz, Speech (of Arrested Development), Jazz Spastiks, DJ A.I., myself & Digital Fiend. With guest appearances by Walt Elson, Speech & Breez Evahflowin.

100% of the sales go to benefit the victims affected by the earthquake in Japan and tsunami throughout the Pacific. So go cop it!

BMC – Bloodshed

After 2 EP’s and a successful mixtape in the last 2 years alone, brace yourself for the Bloody Monk Consortium’s Official LP debut on Johnny 23 records. Already regarded as an instant underground classic, BMC plows through the scene taking it back to the essence of that golden era of 90’s battle hip hop with a refreshing taste of pure raw talent over heart pounding production. Lyricists Leeroy Deestroy and LABAL-S show no remorse chopping down track after track by producer Lex Luger and others. Guest appearances by: LoDeck, Pacewon, C-Rayz Walz, (PH)Pumpkinhead, 2ugli, Damo and more!

I made one beat on there, track 15, called Shrink’s 3rd Eye feat. Pacewon & 2UGLi (check the vid below). You can grab the album on CD from BMC’s homepage, and digitally via iTunes.

An Evening In Tokyo

Atari BlitzkriegAn evening In Tokyo feat. Fuca Chan

Produced by yours truly..

Grab it on itunes | bandcamp

Introverse.. Intro

I kicked off a new project of mine the other day called Introverse. It will be a combined photography and music project, at a ratio of around 5 photos per beat; it will be an EP of ~8 songs. No deadline set yet, but I will set one once I’ve gotten the first couple of beats off the ground, that way I know how long it might take to get this thing done. The photography is already on the way and I got two of them more or less done at the moment which I’ll attach below. As for the theme of this thing.. well you’ll have to wait and see.. I divulge nothing!

magOwl – Page One

Update: The free downloads on bandcamp has run out, more will be available in a couple of weeks. Nothing I can do about it. So if you want any of the albums on there you’ll have to spend a few quid.

So December 21st has arrived and as promised here’s Page One, my latest collection of beats and oddities.

You can grab it for free over at

This is a selection of beats from the last year, year and a half, or so. Some are entries from the LouisDen beatbattles (, so if you’re keeping tabs you might have heard a few. But on the other hand there are others on here that should be new to any and all.

The lot was produced by me, magOwl, using Renoise ( aided by the old Ensoinq EPS 16+, the Boss SP-303 and a healthy amount of vinyl.

Go get it, listen, enjoy, tell a friend!