Word of Caution

Just thought I’d give a heads up about the Worpress 2 Ping.fm plugin I recommended yesterday. It will ping any post that hasn’t been pinged before, so if you edit an old post for instance it will ping that. I found out the hard way yesterday lol, didn’t realize what was going on before I had spammed about 10 links of old posts to the sites I have ping.fm set up with. Not so good, but no real damage was done since I caught it fairly quick.

So a word of caution, disable it if you’re going to edit old non-pinged posts. Or you can of course use one of the other ping.fm plugins that are around on the WordPress repository. I found one that allowed you to specify a little more when it should ping and when it shouldn’t. But I think I’ll stick with the one I got for now, as I now know to disable it if I need to edit any old posts.

Have a good day folks!